What we do?

SuperDaves RC Recycling has almost 20 years in the RC hobby. Add in the skills and abilities of an ASE Certified Auto Mechanic and a computer programmer and you have considerable experience to draw from.

Whether you are buying a rebuilt RC car, truck, or aircraft, you know it was put together properly, not hurried, no shortcuts... An example of our focus on making these RCs as good as they possibly can be is our electrical repair standards. ANY electrical connection repair is retriemmed, soldered properly and then heat shrink tubed to ensure a good and lost lasting repair.

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SuperDave's RC Recycling buys, sells and trades all hobby grade RC items. From a bag of random old parts to a high end collection, if you're in the market to get more RCs or get out of your entire collection we can help.

SuperDave's RC Recycling provides FREE upfront estimates over the phone so you do not need to come across town to find out what your item(s) is worth. If you wish to find out the value of your item in trade or to sell it outright send us DETAILED photos of everything included. Please include a top down and bottom up photos of the chassis as well as anything else you want to include, old parts, batteries, radio/transmitter, chargers etc. Now serving the Richmond area and surrounding communities. Serving Richmond and the area! We ship!